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Rico Bandy Baked Beans —

Rico Bandy Baked Beans is produced in rich tomato sauce and proudly African. If you want to tickle your taste buds either for Breakfast, Lunch or Supper you have the ideal meal in Rico baked Beans.

Compliment your hot Kenkey and Fish or your Jollof and Chicken with Rico Baked Beans. Rico Bandy Baked Beans is available in all major markets and shops throughout the country.

Rico Bandy Baked Beans —

Battery Cage Equipment

We supply different types of high quality Battery Cage equipment to Ghana .

We do either A Frame Layer, vertical layer and Layer Breeder Systems depending on the style and budget of our clients.

Important factors to consider in choosing the desired Battery Cage system are Egg and manure handling, feed handling, feeding an ventilation.

We walk our clients through the whole process from initial contact to post-sales engagement.

Rico-B Humus —

This is another natural plant growth Stimulant and Soil conditioner for all Crops. This product promotes seed Germination, Darker foliage due to enhanced water holding Capacity and reduces alkalinity and acidity of the soil among other sterling qualities.

What makes Rico-B Humus outstanding for farmers is the reduction in the use of inorganic fertilizer by at least 50% on introduction of this product while the yield goes up.

Whether you farm maize, plantains, Soya Beans or any other staple crop in Ghana this is the best soil conditioner for your crops.


Twine forms an integral product for farmers and fishermen in Ghana. Our twine are preserved with UV treatment for added resilience against any harsh weather conditions.

Each Twine roll weighs 5kg and is made with Prime Material in order to obtain the Strength needed to support properly the plants in the field.

Formula For Fruits & Crops

We provide different types of products to control pests, nematodes and Soil treatment. Some of these products include protective wax that helps prolong the green life of fruits, vegetables and horticultural products in general. We equally supply other products that are efficient in the disinfection of fruits and vegetables.

Banana Trays —

We are privileged to partner some farms in Ghana in the provision of Banana Trays. We welcome all Banana farms of any size who are keen on taking their businesses to the next level and advancement.
Height 12.5cm
Material: High density polyethylene
Colour: Black
Type: Reinforced high collar
Resistance: Any product used for the banana process as Chemicals, fungicides, among others.
Shelf Life: Greater durability due to its flexibility and the thickness of its floor, the Which allows the wear time to be prolonged.
Finish: Tray with texture totally smooth, black colour.
Design: Its design makes it resistant to the most extreme conditions of Work, knocks, scratches and scuffs. Rounded edges and divisions specially made to avoid any accidental marks on the fruit.

Rico Huminvet —

This is a natural Organic Supplement which contains all the minerals for enhanced health and performance of Poultry, Livestock & Fish.

The introduction of Rico Huminvet into the Ghanaian Poultry and Livestock Industry is changing the face of the industry with outstanding results.

This product is a natural growth Stimulant, is anti-bacterial as well anti-mold and anti-viral. Another important characteristic of Rico Huminvet is its ability to act as a Toxin Binder (against Aflatoxin & vomitoxin).

If you want to make savings as a Poultry, Swine, Cattle or Fish farmer in Ghana while keeping excellent health of animals and maximizing profit this product is the affordable solution you need.

Poultry Equipment —

1.Pulp Egg Trays

2.Battery Cage Systems

3.Plastic Egg Trays

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